NC Air Teams Up With Moore’s Furniture Group

||NC Air Teams Up With Moore’s Furniture Group
NC Air team up with Moores Furniture Group Limited to reduce compressor servicing costs.

“After several years of seeing the servicing cost for our works compressors increasing and the compressor control system not performing as expected, we decided to look for a company who could assist us with reducing our servicing cost and setting our control systems to run more efficiently. After several recommendations, NC Air came strongly recommended for this challenge. NC Air visited our site to carry out load testing on our works compressors with the support of Pete Scott, Mechanical Maintenance Team Leader.”

Air Compressors for Moore's Furniture Group
Air Compressors for Moore's Furniture Group

“NC Air came up with an action plan to meet with our requirements which included setting up the control system to run the compressors more efficiently and to carry out air leak audits by Dept. Since this work has been completed we have seen a dramatic reduction in our compressor running hours and servicing cost. NC Air have been extremely professional and supportive in assisting us and have provided us with cost effective solutions.”

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