Our compressors come with a warranty of up to TEN years:

We can offer you…

  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Direct & Belt Driven Piston
  • Rotary Screw & Rotary Vane
  • Hire & Lease Options
  • Oil Free Piston & Screw
  • Second-Hand & Refurbished
  • Specialist Gas Compressors
  • Diesel or Petrol Driven
  • Vehicle PTO Systems
  • Dental & Laboratory Oil Free
  • High Pressure and Diving Sets
  • Boosters and Special Applications


All compressed air carries dirt, water and contaminates. If left untreated it can damage downstream equipment and in some cases can be hazardous where breathing, dental, medical, food and pharmaceuticals are the application.

We can give you the information and products to meet your requirements, whether it be general purpose filtration or specific.

If you’re not sure what you need why not try before you buy? Ask us for details!